The Truth

This is my favorite piece to date and i hope you like it too 🙂


October 6, 2009

I remember every moment of that day; every beat of my heart, every breath that filled my lungs with sweet air.  I do not remember the time of year, or even the time of day, because all at once, past, present, and future became one and my life one eternal instant.  I do, however, remember the sound; the buzz of laughter and chatter in the background muffled by my own youthful ignorance.  It was as if all the lives of everyone in the world crossed in one small room, in one station, one junction-the epitome of relationships.  The clinking of drinks on the table and the melodious note of celebratory glass on glass as toasts were made and smiles exchanged.  I could almost hear music in place of words, the universal sound of merrymaking, the ladies voices sung a song of glee with hearty laughter balancing as the bass.  Tongues clicked an acoustic rhythm that echoed off the walls and the happiest of all people slapped the beat of a drum on a table when their own lungs could not make a sound.

I entered the cultural jumble accompanied by a few good friends with promises of a wonderful evening.  Already beginning to feel buzzed by the excitement around me, the lines at the corners of my eyes cracked and a smile broke across my face.  This was going to be a good night.  As we seated ourselves at a red round booth I glanced out over the rest of the excitement and soaked in the good spirits of those around me.  As my eyes jumped from face to face and smile to smile, I saw nothing of the person behind the makeup and slick hair.  I sensed no connection with any of the other young people; only felt their joys reverberated off myself.  I felt nothing until I saw him.

With a flutter of my heart and the dizzying feeling of forgetting to breathe, my eyes fixed on his; two misty clouds hypnotically swirling, drawing me deeper.  I felt the magnetic pull tugging my heart from my chest as his gravity caught my eyes. But I knew these gentle pools of crystal were merely a gateway to the raging vortex of passions in a sea of blue beyond. And oh, what a deep, soft blue, and how they contrasted the blacks and whites of clothing around the room.  And then they changed, with an instant of recognition, and returned of my gaze. They softened into beautiful round gems set into his perfectly shaped face.  Oh, how I could have looked forever, lost in a sea of blue, but the call of my name and the touch of my shoulder brought me back to the bubble of my world.

Hardly interested in the facts of the day or even the jokes of my friends I sought out his face once more.  “That blue, that blue, that blue…” I told myself again in my mind.  My heart longed for the eyes of my stranger.  And when my heart found its treasure he was turned sidelong to another; those beautiful eyes, hidden from my view, were shielded by long lashes. With my mind I begged him to turn; just to see him once more, to feel weightlessness inside. To know if he was the cause of my faintness was all I desired.  But ah, then the folds of his lips turned back, and his face seemed to open like a curtain call as he lit up with joy.  His smile, his smile, sent my heart to my throat and I choked on my emotions.

Quickly turning away, I knew I must stop.  To fall in love with a stranger is a dangerous deed, poor Juliet lost her life for her love of Romeo.  Must I lose my head over the face of another?  Have I yet to know his mind; to hear the workings of his soul?  To love another for their costume of skin and flesh is sin enough, but to fall for the body of a stranger will damn me for sure.  The thoughts of my mind raced faster than words, for I was woken from my stupor by the elbow of a friend yet again.

Losing sight of his face brought me to reality for an instant, until my eyes craved the soft tones of his face once more.  But deep inside I knew how poor Juliet had felt; falling for a stranger when sitting next to another.  Here in this house of drink and of sin, imagine the faults my soul could commit, if left on to act on its own whim.

Glancing at the faces of friends who surrounded me, nothing pleased my soul like the countenance of my stranger.  My heart grew sick and my soul suffered deeply, for the drug of this man’s visage was addictive at best.  Now my eyes found him quicker, the lonely search for love was hastened by my need.  This time I found his eyes waiting, and bidding me hello.  We exchanged a lifetime of speech with two blinks of an eye.  I knew who he was; the stranger, my love.  I knew how he smiled, the red blush of his cheeks and the stretch of his chin.  I knew more of this man that I had never met, than the seven people around me at the table where I sat.

With my eyes, I found his ears, and whispered the secrets of my soul that could never pass from my lips.  Then, I found his hair, and counted every strand, and knew every shinning color from his blonde to his bronze.  My eyes walked down to his neck, and then I knew his scent.  I could feel his soul as if we were one, one being alone in this immense room.  When I knew his whole self and fell back to his eyes, I found them as busy as mine, examining the shape of my face.

There I sat; I felt alone in my booth, falling in love with the stranger as he fell in love with me.  In this moment everything I knew was lost but my distant companion alike in my heart.  The walls fell away and the ceiling disappeared.  The tables evaporated and everyone else was gone.  All that remained was the sound of their chatter, the tango to our optic dance as we looked deep into each other’s souls.   When all else had vanished but the pounding of my heart, I felt peace deep inside and knew everything was right.

Without a word of remorse or an attempted excuse, we both rose from our tables and pushed our way out.  No words had been spoken, and no rendezvous point made, but somehow we ended up in the same exact place.  He reached out his arms and there he held my hands.  I should have felt rushed, but I felt safe in his grip.  Then the stranger looked at me deeply and spoke from his soul.  And this was all that I could have asked for, from a man I hardly knew.

Oh thy stranger I seek

Thou hast left my knees weak.

You have my heart skipping beats

And speaking tongues they don’t teach.

It hath been but a moment

But a moment so long-

I hath known you a lifetime

Where a second has gone.

Here I place my good faith

In our one Lord above-

There is a truth you must know

I preach truth in my love.

How I love thee so simply

I wish you to know-

How my love for you is so eager,

hopeful and wanting to grow.

But before your love is proclaimed

One fact must be made clear,

My love can never be more

Than what I give to you here.

What is already infinite

Has no room to abound;

Even given a lifetime together

With each other around.

Though I have not known you for long

I offer you one truth.

I love thee more today,

In this moment we shared-

Than is possible in a lifetime

When traditional love is compared

My dear stranger, my love,

The pair to my soul-

Hold on to my hands

And make yourself whole.

Affirm with my plea,

The beg of my heart.

Let us run off together,

A new life we will start.


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I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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