Shoes…shoes…and more SHOES

For those of you who aren’t from little Rhode Island, there is this terrible thing called “senior project.” Now, it was supposed to be this great way for kids to learn how to survive in the adult world by giving them heaps of paperwork to fill out, outrageous deadlines to meet, and one more reason to not want to get up in the morning. But all joking aside, it has gotten a little out of hand and now that i am a senior *drum roll* it’s my turn to take the metaphorical plunge. So what have i chosen to do you might ask?

To give shoes to those in need so that they might thrive and lead healthy and happy lives!! :’)

I am actually one of the few people in my class who is incredibly excited about this! I already have a mentor lined up to help me and i am telling everyone how i want to save the world by giving them shoes for a “solid foundation.” yeah, yeah kind of corny…i know. but i’m trying to come up with a slogan so i have to make terrible jokes 🙂

anyway, today i got my first bulk donation from the wonderful Julie Petitbon, my English teacher. She was amazing before this, but now that i have three boxes and one bag of shoes sitting on my bed ready to send out to the world, she just entered my fave five! Right next to Jude Law of course! 😉

Courtesy of the lovely Julie Petitbon!

if any of you readers are from the Rhode Island area please e-mail me to see how you can donate any “slightly worn” or new shoes to my shoe drive. all of these donations will go write to people in need. and any extras will be donated to Savers where the profits benefit Big Sisters. I would love even the smallest contribution!

as always, cheers!

allie 🙂


About bohochic263

I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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