Adieu Junior Year

Today was my last real day as a Junior in high school, tomorrow marks the first day of exams so school is basically over 🙂 After freshman and sophomore years i couldn’t get out of the school fast enough, but i made so many great memories this year and had some unforgettable teachers, so my friends and i stayed as long as we could. I went to english class threeeee times today! once for enlgish class, once for trig class, and again for physics. It was well worth it because now i have perfected the art of rummy 🙂 …well not exactly, i’m still pretty bad, but at least i don’t get rummy called on me all of the time! When the bell rang at the end of the day none of us wanted to leave Mrs. P so we all just pulled up chair and had a pow-wow for a while.

But the whole day wasn’t alll depressing! i brought my guitar into gym class and my friends and i were all in a circle sitting around. It was so much fun and it reminded me of why i love music so much! then my friend ben started taking random pictures of his converse so i thought i would just put them on here lol

i thought everyone was making funny faces lol

half of my awesome gym class!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all today was a lot of fun but i will miss seeing everybody everyday! But we do have a “field trip” planned for the summertime when we can all get together again!! i can’t wait to go and then share it with you all 🙂

cheers and have a happy summer!



About bohochic263

I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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2 Responses to Adieu Junior Year

  1. Stéphanie says:

    So lovely pictures !

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