Tiny Teacups

The other day I was going through my closet looking at old things i used to play with (this is something i have been making a habit of doing with my last year of high school starting to hit me) and i found my old mini tea set. When i looked down i realized it matched my shirt and though it would make an adorable necklace. After some trial and error with finding the right length chain, i clipped a thin gold and silver one together and voila! 🙂

i hope you like it

…yes i have funny dots on my hands and i don’t know why 🙂 but this is about the teacup, not me lol…what do you think?

cheers, allie


About bohochic263

I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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