“Here’s looking at you kid”

Casablanca is one of the world’s most beloved classic films. It’s so well known that i used the movie as the basis of my final term paper last semester and did surprisingly well 🙂 But i do have to make a confession…I didn’t watch Casablanca until i was 17 and i went through most of my life thinking lines like “i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” were from the Lion King… haha after i watched it all of the way through i was pretty embarrassed by my lack of pop culture knowledge.

But as far as the movie is concerned i give it a solid 4.5 out of my prestigious 5 Chic Stars© (yeah i just made that up because i found the copyright button on the blog!) It is a wonderful and endearing film with a timeless story line. The actors really surprised me with the Rick’s switch at the end. i wont give away too much in case anyone else out there is as culturally inept as i am. The only problem i had was that sometimes i would laugh at the really dramatic parts because the acting was very old fashioned. But in all fairness, the film is older than my grandmother so the “oldness” can be understood. So my rating stands.

howeverrr, my lovely sidekick/BFF Ally had a very different idea. She was in tears at the end of the movie and was completely riveted throughout the whole thing! Ally gives the movie a 10 out of 5 Chic Stars© 🙂 so all of you old movie buffs should be glad that at least one of us fell head over heals for the movie 🙂

here are just a few screen shots of the film. P.S. i do adore the black and white ❤


I have to give some credit to all the great minds who were able to think of sets and wardrobes in black and white before they invented color film 🙂 i hope you enjoyed my little ramblings!

cheers! allie



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I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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