“Let Them Eat Cate!”

Happy Thursday!

I know there really isn’t much to be happy about on Thursday other than the fact that tomorrow is Friday, so here is a little pick-me-up for everyone! I love the clothes! I love the cake! and I wish I was in this video because it just looks like so much fun!

…someone once told me not to use exclimation points because it’s like laughing at your own joke….but this video deserves a bunch of they anyway!


Today went to the salon to have me layers redone, because after all this “growing my hair out” it lost a lot of it’s character 😦 So I had some pizazz put back into my hair and now I feel fabulous again B) The first thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot was my Auntie’s car parked right next to the door! What are the odds? So I surprised her and we sat in the fun swivel chairs chatting for a while until it was time for my appointment. Only in my small town would something like this happen….and it happens more often than you would know.

But it gets better 😉 warning, this probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, but Edward (my hairdresser) and Leslie (Auntie’s) decided to race to see who could finish our hair first!! Yes, BAD idea, racing and beauty don’t mix. But luckily we both left unscathed haha. It was all fun and games until Edward decided to do some long distance water sprays at Auntie while she was having her hair dried so we could catch up! Then Leslie tried to get him back and I hid under the plastic superman cape they make you wear and I accidentally dumped my hair pieces all down my shirt 😦 We were all in stitches and it was the best haircut I have ever gotten…. after we learned to ignore the grumpy stares from the ladies waiting for us to finish.

Today was a very happy Thursday and next time I’m making sure to schedule my haircut on the same day as Auntie’s so we can have a rematch 🙂

cheers, allie



About bohochic263

I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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