I’m Still Kicking (Retro Movie Night III)

Wow, it seems like I haven’t written in forever! I missed it so much 😦 When was my last post? the 23rd wow i need to sit my butt down and work on this.
So, over all a lot of stuff has happened in the last week or so, some great and some not so great…I will make some special posts about the more fun ones!…but on to more important things *drum roll* Retro Movie Night Part III Staring Allie-squared is here 🙂

This week, the movie of honor was pulled right from my stash of winter movies! No, it isn’t a Christmas special, but I love watching it when the cold New England snow keeps me locked up in my bedroom with nothing to do. It was Funny Face starring the lovely Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astire! This musical follows a young Jo (Audrey) as she changes from a stiff and lonesome “empathicalist” into the lovestruck model for Quality Magazine. Jo struggles between her two loves, Emile Flostre the professor of empathicalism and Dick Avery her photographer. The movie reminds me of the perfect ice cream sundae (or fro yo if you prefer) with the sweet storyline of a young woman, a rich and satisfying love story, and sprinkled with cute songs and dances that make the movie. To go with my strange sundae metaphor, the chocolate and whip cream would be the cool vintage looking photos and outfits.

I award this movie a full 5 stars and it will stay on my movie shelf where it belongs for the next snow storm (which hopefully wont be for a few months!)
oh! and I just got a message in from Ally saying she gives it 200 stars!! hahaha…one sec i have to reply to this text :)…Well there you have it! And, of course, there are some photos below for your aesthetic pleasure. aesthetic was one of my SAT words 😉

i want to blow this picture up and make it a poster ❤

now I just have one thing I want you to do. Sign on to your netflix. order this movie. watch this movie. and then jump like this!!

this just about sums up how I feel about this movie!

as always, Cheers!

xo allie

p.s. “think pink!”


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I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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