Indie Arts Fest!

RI Indie Arts festivalIndie Arts was so much fun! Even though I was only a short drive away it felt like I had taken a day trip because everything was so new and exciting 🙂 I have always wanted to go to one of these events but I never manage to get out there. Finally I did! Jen (my friend of 10+ years) and I were even caught on film by the local news reporter! I couldn’t find the live feed on the internet anywhere, but take my word for it; my back was on TV! The music was great, and the fact that I had never heard any of the songs before didn’t stop me from running back and forth from each stage to listen to as many as I could. There were some bands dressed up as animals, some were musicians/poets, and others just brought along their keyboards and synthesizers to play.

Boo City Indie Arts
Boo City was amazing

My view from where I was sitting lol

Apart from the eclectic music, I really wanted to see all of the independent art and score a few unique pieces…and I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 There was glass blowing, paintings, vintage clothes, handmade jewelry/crafts, and what looked like dozens of mobile pawn shops :). Needles to say, I was in heaven! I snapped a few pictures of the more beautiful things I wasn’t able to buy but I didn’t want to forget. I did buy a pair of lovely handmade earrings from Carole at Connect the Dots 🙂 visit her site here

So beautiful!

An addition to my owl obsession 😉

It was so beautiful and it took everything i had not to buy it 😦

But the day was still not over!! The ice skating rink had been drained for the summer season and then turned into a skate park filled with teenage boys jumping over ramps for our viewing pleasure 🙂 So Jen and I parked ourselves on the stone bleachers and I snapped photos of her favorites lol. So Jen, these are for you 😉

He was right in front of us for most of the time lol

He's flyinggg!


This little kid was by far the cutest 🙂 i want my future son to be like him!

Unfortunately, the skaters couldn’t stay forever because the ramps and rails were taken out to make way for a roller derby game! I couldn’t believe it! The only time I had ever seen roller derby was in the movie Whip It! and i couldn’t wait to see it in person. My dad had talked about how he used to watch it on TV with his brothers but, of course, this was before he became a “family man” lol. The lighting was getting poor, but here are some more pictures!

Zombies v. Robots

Things started to get intense at the end of the match!

When the sun started to go down, Burnside Park became the sight for an alien landing as these creatures from outer space came to reclaim the statue of the “inventor of ice cream,” general Burnside. Now, I’m not sure if he invented ice cream or not, but I do remember learning in 10th grade that they coined the term “sideburns” after his face 😛 He is the man in the first picture that they used on the sign lol. The aliens were a strange mix of horrifying and whimsical, but altogether endearing. Jen was fine until they began encircling us and staring at my giant black camera. This weird apparition really made the day 🙂

we come in peace

the old man just sat in the middle and watched the whole thing 🙂

I had so much fun and I can’t wait to go again next year! I promised my brother Chris that I would take him too because he and I both love this sort of thing. I’m sorry it took a while to get this whole thing up but I hope it was worth the wait 🙂

cheers, allie and the alien


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