Ten Things: Anthropologie

On my last trip to NYC I was resting my head on the bus window when I passed one of the Anthro stores and just laughed because it reminded me of a joke between some friends and me about the Anthro class at my school. Im ashamed to say, but I had not idea what anthro was…. but now I do and I’m in love! I’m not sure which blogging friend introduced me to their amazing clothes, might have been Elsie Flannigan, but I couldn’t say lol. Either way, I’m dedicating my first “Ten Things” post to this amazing store that I will go back to on my next NYC trip and fully appreciate the beauty that is Anthropologie 🙂

So basically…these are ten of the most beautiful things on their website ❤ enjoy!

1. Ladylike ease II (from their look book)

2. the coolest flower cardigan ever!

3. Simply beautiful

4. This makes me want to go to the lodge!

5. lol I really like this color right now 🙂

6. Double take? yeah, that was a mini me 🙂

7. I desperately need a big bag like this!

8. can you say hipster? lol

9. I am a little bit obsessed with brown boots...

10. But even more obsessed with trench coat jackets. words can't describe how much I love this jacket!!

that comes to about $3,000…no biggie right? 😛


allie xo


About bohochic263

I'm a song writing, fortune telling, treasure hunting, picture taking, soul searching, God fearing, color blind kind-a girl.
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