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Mann it’s a hot one

I’m so sorry!! it’s has been ages since i blogged….well at least it feels that way to me….but i’m back baby 🙂 So here is my excuse, it has been ridiculously hot over here and i just can’t bring myself to sit … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie

I can still smell the soy sauce and cumin up here in my bedroom; it’s still in my nose, still on my lips. I love Chinese food, and not just the FDA approved “American-Chinese” food. No, i love going full … Continue reading

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Eenie meenie miney moe…

http://allstondave.tripod.com/bostour-p5.html http://www.bostoninternship.com/high-school/boston/housing/ Yesterday i went on my first official college tour at the wonderful Emerson College in Boston, MA. I reallllly like it, and while i’m too afraid to get my heart set on something so expensive, it is definitely … Continue reading

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Off to six flags tomorrow!!

i can’t sleep…i can’t eat…i can’t breathe i’m so excited! okay, so maybe the last two were a bit of a stretch but i definitely can’t sleep! My bags are all packed and the camera is fully charged; nothing left … Continue reading

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“I’m flashing”

Over the weekend i took a much needed visit to my local theater. This is my forth show this year and each time has been better than the rest. On this outing i went to see Menopause the Musical…yeah i … Continue reading

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