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Flip video camera

“I have one of the original Flip cameras from two years ago and I always bring it with me on vacations! Last weekend I brought it to Canobie Lake park in NH and i’m working on a montage video of the trip (all shot with my Flip of course!)

But, I have been looking at the new ones and I think it might be time to upgrade to the HD version. If I were to buy a new one this is what it would look like :)”

Flip UltraHD, MinoHD and SlideHD video cameras with Personalized Design – Available only at the Flip Video Store. Check out this unique Flip Video design. The Flip UltraHD, MinoHD and SlideHD video cameras combine remarkable video quality in a pocket-sized package. Now personalizable – create yours today. You’ve never had a video camera that’s this much fun.
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Ten Things: Anthropologie

On my last trip to NYC I was resting my head on the bus window when I passed one of the Anthro stores and just laughed because it reminded me of a joke between some friends and me about the Anthro class at my school. Im ashamed to say, but I had not idea what anthro was…. but now I do and I’m in love! I’m not sure which blogging friend introduced me to their amazing clothes, might have been Elsie Flannigan, but I couldn’t say lol. Either way, I’m dedicating my first “Ten Things” post to this amazing store that I will go back to on my next NYC trip and fully appreciate the beauty that is Anthropologie πŸ™‚

So basically…these are ten of the most beautiful things on their website ❀ enjoy!

1. Ladylike ease II (from their look book)

2. the coolest flower cardigan ever!

3. Simply beautiful

4. This makes me want to go to the lodge!

5. lol I really like this color right now πŸ™‚

6. Double take? yeah, that was a mini me πŸ™‚

7. I desperately need a big bag like this!

8. can you say hipster? lol

9. I am a little bit obsessed with brown boots...

10. But even more obsessed with trench coat jackets. words can't describe how much I love this jacket!!

that comes to about $3,000…no biggie right? πŸ˜›


allie xo

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Paint on my Jeans

One thing that I miss from being a little kid (other than recess!) is art class!! I was the little girl running out of the school with pig-tails flying and paint spots all over my clothes πŸ™‚ If only I knew that paint splattered clothes would be in style before the decade was over, I wouldn’t have donated everything lol. Anyway, I digress, I AM IN ART CLASS AGAIN!! And every day I look forward to my hour in studio 1 πŸ™‚ So today’s post is dedicated to my portfolio design that I made in honor of this blog πŸ˜€ and my first sketches in my sketchbook!

The first design I made for my portfolio came out horrible! Never find inspiration in your hunger! …that’s all I can say lol. It was lunch period, and I was hungry, so I drew Aztec things that looked like the artwork inside the Chipotle restaurant near me….except nothing looked like it was supposed to! hahaha, so I made a new one with an old poster board that I found in my basement over the weekend and I like it a lot more than my first one! Needless to say, you will never see a picture of my first piece on here πŸ™‚

My baby sketch in my sketchbook, and the finished portfolio πŸ™‚

my funny looking sketches! (I have a long way to go lol)

I started some ideas for posters for the club that I run at school. It’s called the Creative Society, and it’s pretty much amazing! Everyone should join and meet all of the amazing and beautiful people who already come all of the time πŸ™‚ Thankfully there are a lot of really talented artists in the club who can turn these sketches into some really funky posters πŸ™‚

oh, and since I had my senior portraits done and I was able to spnd some time with a real photographer, I have decided to take my photography more seriously and I’m going to try and take some really artistic shots. First item on the agenda–creating “depth” in a photograph. This was my first attempt lol

I pledge to made beauty with this here paint

cheers! allie xo

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I missed you too!

Happy Labor day to all of you American’s out there! and Happy Monday to everyone else πŸ™‚

Most people think of today as the unofficial end of summer, unless you live in New England, because here it really should be called the unofficial beginning of the winter season! I am so glad that I moved out of Texas when I was younger, don’t get me wrong I love being a red-blooded Texan, but I wouldn’t trade one snowy winter for the world. I live for the fallen leaves and morning snow blankets πŸ™‚

A couple of years ago I picked upΒ long-boarding-street surfing- but haven’t improved one bit! So instead of adding to my collection of bruises and scars I just made Fall skate season (Pun intended. I spend most the time on my butt!) This way my sweaters and jeans cushion my fall πŸ™‚ I won’t pretend for one moment that I am good at long-boarding, but it’s so fun that I always end up back on my board before long.

So while I was waiting for the temperatures to plummet, my brothers and I took a mini bike-cation to the park πŸ™‚ Chris brought his skateboard and Steven brought his roller skates to the hockey rink and I sat back with the camera πŸ™‚ I put up some of the better ones that I edited down below!

sporting vintage glasses that were given to me by my senior project mentor πŸ™‚

haha steven is such a clown πŸ™‚

he absolutely adores his board lol

big bro. little bro.

on top of the world!

(I didn’t even have to edit that last one on the computer! thank you sun!)


it's a good day when your little brother can finally pick you up after 13 years!

Happy labor day!! And I can’t wait to post more about all the things I have planned for fall and winter πŸ™‚ maybe even a few days out on the slopes when the snow starts πŸ™‚

cheers, allie

p.s. animation ❀

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